Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Strange things have been coming into our house lately. I am used to seeing the geckos that come in and run around the ceiling & walls; but nothing could prepare me for the 'new' visitors we have had recently.

Saturday we found a ladybug crawling on our couch.
On Sunday we found 2, yes 2, caterpillars crawling across the floor in our front room.
Then this morning we found a worm crawling on the floor in front of the door.

Where did all these lovely creatures gain access to our house - we have no idea. We don't leave our front door open & all the windows have screens on them. I am planning on searching for their entry point & plugging it soon. I did notice yesterday that we have more birds hanging out near the back of the house lately and they were pretty active with grabbing things off the ground (other buggies I presume). Maybe these 4 buggies thought they could take refuge in my house. Instead they were either moved back outside or smashed by a shoe. I don't like buggies in my house & won't give them the impression they can stay with me.

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