Monday, March 9, 2009

Theoretically it is driving me insane

I hate it when people use a word over & over again just because it makes them feel smarter or more important. I have a co-worker who CONSTANTLY uses the word theoretically. Why hasn't this account billed in the last 6 months - theoretically we should be billing monthly, but the department has problems. WHAT???? When did billing become theoretical? She theoretically uses the word about 200 times a day AND in almost ever conversation. She is an older woman (pushing 65) who is theoretically a few years past the time she should have retired but has said she probably wont for another 5 years in our last theoretical conversation on the subject. She is also a loud talker & sits right next to me, so I theoretically here the word everytime she uses it at work. Calgon take me away........

damn, I am still here. why doesn't that work in real life like it does on tv???

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