Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Food pushers

I hate food pushers. If I don't want what you are offering - it is probably because I either don't want to eat it or am not hungry. I work with a few food pushers who CONSTANTLY try to push me to eat what they have brought in and look offended when i say politely 'no thank you'. This morning I was having spinach keish pushed at me. 1 - I don't like spinach, 2- I don't like keish. I don't care if someone made it for Easter for our office - I don't want any! The other food pusher tried to get me to have some manju she brought in on Monday morning, I politly said no thank you I have already had breakfast. She gave me the stink eye and then put it out in our 'food stash' area of the office. The food pushers got worse when I mentioned around Christmas that I was trying to eat healthier & loose weight. This seems to have put them in a crazed mode of we need to feed Sam crappy fatty food all the time. I have made progress, 9.2 pounds so far. I admit it - I fall off the wagon and maybe have a malasada or 2 (yesterday was a bad day) every now & then but I try hard to limit the junk food intake - which is hard in an office constantly getting restocked with cookies & chocolates.

I have a theory on these types of people -those who push food on others are tring to get rid of it before they eat it all. If you want it - EAT IT! Don't try to make me eat it - I usually DONT WANT IT!!