Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No longer traveling in style

After watching Betty White on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago, I keep thinking about something she said. "Why don't people dress up when they fly anymore?" After weeks of thought, I have come up with an answer for Betty. There are many reasons why people don't dress up to fly anymore. Flying used to be a big event and not many people did it. Most people that did have the money to fly also had money to have nice clothes; keeping the overall wearing working man's only option for travel the train or via automobile. Airlines back then recognized that they were providing a service. You were sitting in comfortable seats, had lots of leg room & were treated like royalty by the 'stewardess' on the flight serving meals & beverages.

Things were a lot different at the airports back then too. You didn't have to get to the airport 2-3 hours ahead of time to just get through a security checkpoint. You didn't have to stand in line for an hour to just check into your flight. Airports also had seats in the gate waiting area for all the passengers to sit in.

Most airlines now days have forgotten what customer service is. They treat they customers as cattle, packing as many on the plane as possible & milking every penny possible out of them. The profit margin matters more then customer satisfaction. Planes are ordered/configured to squeeze as many people in as possible, making it hard for anyone over 5'3" (my height) to sit comfortably. They have also have made the actual seat smaller -so they can fit more in a row. I am not a large person, I would say I have a petite build and I feel cramped in my seat. You also have to pay for food now days, I am sure the day is coming when the non-alcoholic drinks will be charged for too. Speaking of charges - you get charged for checking bags, charged for over-sized bags, charged for heavy bags - one airlines even charges you for carry-on bags. Flight Attendants as they are called now days are also not focused on customer service - most are rude and seem displeased whenever you ask them a question or for any type of service.

These are just a few of the problems with air travel now days, which are just a few reasons why I don't dress up for flying anymore.