Friday, April 8, 2011

Frustration with the Government Shutdown

I think it is outrageous that the U.S. Government is going to be giving our Military IOU's instead of paychecks.

Before they take much needed money from the people who are defending this country and their families, I believe the current administration who the voters of this great nation selected to lead this great nation need to step up and take blame for the funding crisis created by them and they should work without pay until this funding crisis is resolved.

The citizens of the United States of America should also demand that the Obama Administration reduce the number of aides, assistants, and secrataries that Obama and his wife say are 'required' for them to be in the White House. The cost of the White House staff in 2010 was $38,796,307.00 for 469 employees. Yes, that's right $38 MILLION for 469 employees. Want to know who they are and how much they are paid? Check out for more information, you can even click on each person’s name to see what their 'official' role is.

In addition, I believe that all members of Congress, the House of Representative and all of their staff should go without pay before the thought of depriving the members of the Military one cent.

The biggest problem with this funding crisis - the people who we asked to lead this country don't seem to have the first clue to budgeting. I deal with budgets daily and the rule I learned was the first thing to go when funding gets tight should ALWAYS be unnecessary expenditures. Just a few examples of unnecessary expenditures would be: 1) Obama and his entourage flying all over the US 'campaigning' for our representatives up for re-election , 2) The first family taking vacations oversees, 3) Reduce staffing to a minimal number, which includes getting rid of redundancy (how many assistants and secrataries does the First Lady really need?). I could go on, but will stop with those 3.

At one point in 2009 Obama had 'appointed' 32 Czars who are paid salaries that are almost impossible to find when looking for them. This doesn't sound like 'transparency' to me, Mr. President. Maybe Obama's advisers should advise him to let ALL the Czar's go to help reduce the expensive burden their unknown salaries and benefits put on the tax payers of this Nation.

The figures provided by the Congressional Budget Office show that the budget deficit for February was at $223 billion. What does that mean? The Obama administration has put the US debt at a level that is more than borrowed in ALL of 2007.

We all knew Obama had lived a sheltered life, never having a 'real' job or any 'real' world experience when he announced he was running for president. Many people brought up this fact, but many of the voters choose not to listen to reason or wonder if he really was the right man for the job he was asking for. We are stuck with him for 2 more years, hopefully he doesn't do any more harm then he already has before he leaves office.

I challenge EVERYONE out there who is angered by this Government shutdown and the inability for our elected officials to do their jobs to take a stand and vote out EVERYONE who is currently in office when they are up for re-election. Especially those who have the audacity to say they want to 'raise' $1 billion for their re-election campaign at a time when we are paying over $4 a gallon for gasoline and many Americans are jobless.  Does he really not understand that people are struggling in the current economy?  What world is he living in?

Just a thought - why does do politicians 'need' so much money for re-election campaigns? Why don't we have a limit on how much funding politicians are allowed to raise as a way to even the playing field for all candidates, since many are ignored when they dont' have millions of dollars to spend on tv time?  Why can't Obama just pay for his re-election from the royalty checks he gets from the 'books' he has written? What to know how much he makes of them? Check out his 2009 financial disclosure form, the 2010 one should be posted sometime in May/June -

Albert Einstein once said "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. " It is time for this administration to stop making everything bigger and more complex - we, the tax payers, can't afford it anymore. Wonder if anyone in this administration has the courage or genius to take a stand and start moving us towards making sense & doing whats right by us, the Citizens of the great United States of America.