Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It never feels good to be forgotten.  Some people in my life have reminded me once again that I am forgettable and not that important to them; which leads me to ask "they why should you be important to me?" 

It is amazing how something as simple as a card can make you feel important, wanted, loved, cared about.  Some people I know forget my birthday each year.  I am at a point in my life that I don't like my birthday as it is a reminder of the fact that out of all my family & friends, there are only a handful of people who always make it a point to wish me a happy birthday without having to be reminded by Facebook or my husband.  I don't like that other people are making me not look forward to the day that should be about me (cause it is MY birthday) but ends up causing irritation and resentment.  Guess I should just realize that I am not important to them and shouldn't take the time to remember their birthdays.

Then there are some people in my life that expect me to use my limited vacation time to go and visit them where they live.  These same people NEVER came to visit us when we lived on Oahu (free place to stay in Hawaii, who wouldn't want to come over).  As of today, we have only had 5 people visit us in Seattle (will be 7 after my nephews arrive later this month).  It is hard to find the motivation to go see some of these people when I see that they are constantly taking trips with other people - apparently we are not good enough to travel with anymore.

I think if anything this is a reminder to myself that society today is filled with a lot of narcissistic ego-maniacs who can't take 5 minutes each year to send me a birthday card or take time out of their ultra busy lives to spend with me.  I don't cut these disrespectful people from my life as, sadly, they are family and deep down I hope that one day they get their heads out of their asses and realize what a putz they have been.

If you care about people in your life, take the time to show they mean something to you.  Remember, no one likes to be forgotten...